The graphs generated by the Phenology Tool provide our best understanding of when birds of interest are most likely to be present in your selected area. By selecting a geographic area and a species of interest, the tool queries the publicly available data sets in BADC. Observation data are fed into Abundance and Probability of Presence Models to generate a graph, providing a summary of what species are present in that area and at what likelihood during different times of the year.


To begin, select your Geographic Area by using the mouse to move the general area of interest. Scroll with your mouse and use the plus or minus icon at the top right corner of the map to zoom in or out, or enter an area of interest into the Enter Location box, which will take you directly to the location. Next, click the SELECT AREA button and draw a shape on the map by clicking to create points. Connect the points or double-click to create a polygon (the opaque area is what is selected). Under the Species box, enter the common name or four-letter code (in English only) of one or more species of interest. If you do not select any species, all the observed species will be shown. Click CREATE GRAPH to see the estimated probability and abundance. To learn more about how your species list, how the associated graphs are generated, and how to properly interpret your report, see About Your Species Report.